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About Us

Infinite Electrical Sales is a manufacturerís sales agent for commercial, industrial and architectural lighting and accessories. We also offer lighting design services, including custom lighting layouts and energy saving analyses. Our clients are lighting and electrical distributors in the Southwestern Ontario/Niagara/GTA territory, but we do offer our design services to end users. We can design and coordinate your individual project from the first site visit, to arranging purchase through your closest local distributor. Our knowledgeable staff can provide lighting recommendations for commercial and industrial applications of any size, and we also provide lighting designs for large scale custom residential applications.

Contractors and end users

We are happy to help you with any information you are looking for. Our manufacturers will not sell direct, however we can put you in touch with distributors in your local area that carry our products. We can also answer any questions you may have about the product itself.

Electrical distributors

If you are interested in carrying our product, many of our manufacturers offer exciting stocking programs. We can provide training for your staff, including visits to the Juno Lighting Lab to see our products in action. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Existing clientss

Thank you for visiting our site. We hope you will utilize our resources available on this site, and as always, please contact us for anything we can assist you further with. We pride ourselves on our superior customer service and have earned our good reputation in this regard.

Services We Offer:

Site visits
Cross referencing on lighting project specs
Product training and literature
Energy saving analyses qualifying for ERII/CEE rebate programs
Custom lighting layouts (please complete our layout request form)
Friendly and prompt customer service, for all of our clients and projects, big and small.
Many years of experience in the lighting industry. Our staff is knowledgeable, eager to help, and if thereís anything we donít know, weíll find it out for you!

Infiniteís History:

Infinite began in 1991, as DíSource Sales, an agency operating out of Don Sniderís home. Don worked for many years at an electrical distributor, forming an abundance of positive relationships with a very wide cross section of people in the industry Ė end users, contractors, manufacturers, electricians, even his competition. Donís ambition and natural inclination for hard work, and good, honest business practices, led him to expand from the distributor level by opening his own sales agency. He recruited his brother, Tim Snider, who also had many years of experience at an electrical distributor, and together they built the foundation of Infiniteís structure today.

In 1998, Don and Tim rebranded DíSource as Infinite Lighting Inc. They brought on Becky Guil in an inside sales/customer service role, as well as a number of outside sales reps to help cover their quickly expanding territory and product offerings. While product lines and outside sales staff would change over the years, the one constant that would always remain was the outstanding level of customer service Infinite provided. Infinite Lighting was a fun and friendly environment Ė Donís infectious laugh and unmatched wit and sense of humour could warm even the most stoic person to his natural charms Ė but moreso, Don prided himself and his company on providing knowledgeable, prompt and courteous service to his customers. He had too many years of experience at a distributor level, dealing with inattentive sales reps, rude customer service staff, and difficult manufacturers. Don knew, from a basic level of common courtesy that business did not have to be done that way. That all clients, large and small, deserve excellent service for their loyalty. That sometimes, taking that extra step to show that you actually care about your customers beyond the immediate bottom line, can result in lasting relationships that come back around to you positively, again and again.

Donís clients agreed. Infinite quickly developed a reputation within the industry for its excellent service. Donís bright and colourful personality, the eagerness of his staff to accommodate their clients, and being pleasant and easy to work with were paramount. In addition to a very loyal client base, the very fact that the core staff Ė Don, Tim and Becky Ė remained for so many years is testament to the kind of environment Don cultivated.

In November of 2011, Don was unexpectedly diagnosed with the cancer that would tragically take his life far too soon. He succumbed to his illness in February 2012. The amount of business related contacts who attended his funeral was absolutely overwhelming. And paints just a small picture of the effects he had not only on this industry, but on everyone who had the pleasure to meet him. Don truly was a character, not easily forgotten.

Apparently neither was his legacy.

With Infinite Lighting slated to dissolve and close its doors for good following Donís passing, the backlash from both a manufacturer and customer standpoint was almost alarming in its intensity. People were not okay with losing Infinite Lighting and the valuable service they offered, and a number of different proposals were made to keep the company going. As a result of months of negotiations, a new company was formed. Greg Stopay, formerly a factory rep at Juno, saw an incredible opportunity to build on the excellent reputation Don and Infinite Lighting had built over the years. The new company is Infinite Electrical Sales Ė a nod both to Donís history as well as our continued service, loyal clients and manufacturers, and a refreshing new view on the exciting directions we are headed in. Mike May has joined in a vice president capacity, and Tim and Becky are still here as inside sales support.

We are committed to honouring the integrity and excellent reputation Donís impact has made on the industry, as well as growing in our own new company identity. Greg, Mike, and the new Infinite Electrical Sales Inc. mesh extremely well with Donís values and personality. We know he would be comfortable with the direction his initial footwork has taken, and we are proud and inspired to be a part of it.

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